short and sweet


You may not be the brightest , the smartest , the charming person , but choosing the right person makes you all of these. A person’s life is a canvas with every color painted by a different person , but how the white color reflects it shows the importance of every touch. While the filth of sand never pleased anyone but when raindrops impacts it , the smell holds the power to amuse everyone.

Being broke , depressed or exhausted creates a hollowness where your feelings echo as you try to reach to yourself . Hold something or someone at the end of that emptiness, so that the reflections come carrying your worth ! Struggle makes everyone come to a stage where crossing a bridge over a river no longer reduces the chance of never facing it again . The only way out is Learning ! Learning from the “Right Person” how to swim will never make a river appear as an obstacle but instead a part of journey and bridges will no longer be the only link to your happiness .

Bravery is appreciated but never is the cold feet . But if that costs you losing your wings then being soft will never otherwise undermine your other opportunities of flying high.

Red reflects love and white , purity . But a blend of these on a flower as a pinkish touch lends it a unique yet appreciable and beautiful identity !

Believe in the impressions of others and decide which one of them you want to have a lasting effect !


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