short and sweet


Does a place where you belong define you ? Does its illuminations enlighten your thoughts , or its roads show you your destiny , or its developments motivate you , does its luring sights give you confidence ? Does every flower need the right ambience to bloom ? Do give a thought to blossoms flourishing in swamps !

The spatting waves makes you strong not the beautiful oceanic view . A person is no one when he is alike everyone but he becomes someone when he is unlike everyone . Create a space not aligned to usual , create a dimension not marked often .

A seaside castle is not just made of sand , it needs some mixed water , that’s how a different character is made , with a blend of unique element and neutrality .

A stone when worked upon is diamond , and a human sculpted with hardwork is precious and a blessing to the world . A difference to be seen and a lesson to be learnt from a small comparison , don’t be just a piece of paper to people which when useful seems valuable and afterwards crumbled and disregarded , but be that art created on that paper that has perpetual preciousness in every aspect and for everyone .

Its said that “All that glitters is not gold” , but glitters do shine , so strive for gold but if in the process you become glitters you still are glorious .Its this present time that is going to become history some day , so struggle to create a beautiful history .



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