short and sweet


How someone walks by and says “You Changed !” Some people accept it as a compliment but for some its the question of their identity. While sitting sea side , the admiration suddenly changes to fear when waves turn huge , similarly people adopt changes when the old attitude is not capable of suiting the modified version of you.

People say persistence of traits of old identity is necessary but before accepting this just think that a diamond becomes adorable and precious only after loosing out the way it originated ! Its not always the acceptance by people that demands change , its sometimes the curious buds blooming inside us , that always remained hidden waiting for the right ambience , wanting to flower and seek their desires.

“Just Be You” , Ever thought how that “you” is constructed , its not natural as people perceive it to be , its actually the advances in life that accumulate to create the ever lasting process of forming the socially known character . The passion  when mixed with refinement comes out as a spark that holds the potential of spreading the lights of glory !

A character should not be clay , that can be moulded by anyone but actually it should wood that can be carved out only by some . Never seek advice when in dilemma , because whatever decision we take , it will bring out the unknown potential of ours .

Fear of change should be overcome by action on fear of NOT REALIZING OURSELVES !


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