short and sweet

The Snatched Innocence

The first time I noticed it was when I advanced through the busy street where people had their priorities , but I wonder how a thing so transparent and so loud enough is going unobserved.What created its existence was the bygone , the aberration of the scant , the despotism of the flourished and most significantly the disdain of many ! It had always remained in darkness in this illuminated colossal world , sometimes it seems that even the sunshine fails to enlighten it .

Faded colors sometimes forms its identity . It originally resembled a flower , but the groundings moulded it into a weed. It has strength but that remains untapped . Its tolerance has reached a limit that even the enormities have become lame on it . It experiences rain , it senses the warmth & coolness, it feels the spring but not as Pleasures Of Nature !

Unlocking the identity of the thing being characterized , it is the Unfortunate Children who are bearing the punishment of the sin they never committed . My usage if “It” in this description is an indication that we have , even though unknowingly , reduced them to a lifeless thing .Almighty has made the brighter and darker aspects of the world to make the humans learn from mixed experiences but sometimes I feel that a partition has been made between the blooming and the gloomy & these unfortunates have forcefully been dumped into the latter side .

We should not pity on them but on ourselves for being unaware of the immense happiness we can get by devoting atleast a small fraction of our lives to them . Just think they don’t have an unclear future but actually they have NO FUTURE !


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