short and sweet


“I saw him somewhere !” Unfortunately “somewhere” but not “everywhere”. He wasn’t bold originally , but he had the capacity to distill his strength from his underlying potentials when the curtains of domination barred the light of hopes & euphoria through the windows of carte blanche , for the Eve kingdom .

He opened his arms not to hold his lady in his clutches but to show her the colossal world where she has her free play . His might is strong and so does his conscience and integrity. He is charming not for his appearance but for the spark he carries with himself . He doesn’t look for a worthy person but instead makes himself worth of being accepted by others . He doesn’t hide his weaknesses cause he is not shy & he wants to be true to the one he never wanna lose .

Love isn’t an emotion for him  , because emotions change as mood swings , neither is it any relation , considering affinities are sensitive to handle , he believed that Love is a journey where prime & crummy experiences just bring two people closer and closer .

People say men like him are inexistent but the truth is they are few and are hid by the shadows of those who use their domineering and intrepid endowments to rule the effete.

“A man never cries”, Is it ? No , he does , because although he stands like a rock in hard times , a strong flow of river of emotions DO BREAKS HIM DOWN !



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