short and sweet


( The voice of the betrayed !!! )

Why can’t you be silent ? I just wanna ignore you for sometime , let me become pragmatic about my life , don’t interfere in my decisions !

These questions I am not putting to any person but to my own heart that always try to put me in a conflicting situation.With the rain becoming pleasant , why do my heart always desires to connect with someone special ? With the coolness in wind , why my heart wants to feel the warmth of love of that person whose presence always lured me ? Why can’t it just feel the eternal beauty conveyed by every little thing in this world, which may have been created just to please me !

People say forgive and forget . Reality- heart very well knows how to forgive but not to “Forget”. I wonder if it was possible for the feelings to come out of MIND rather than heart so that a denial do not let my emotions come out of my grip . When I was alone and wanted to feel the lust of love , my heartbeat was a beautiful signal of my emotions , but now in loneliness my heartbeat’s sound is a flash of my melancholy . My solitude has changed its dimensions !

I now don’t believe in people saying ” love anybody from all your heart ” , because now I discern that you can put all your heart in love but its not sure that one might put all love in someone’s heart . A camera captures a person’s appearance but the heart additionally captures the sentiments attached which break out when PAST REMEMBERED !




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